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How to Make Free Energy Generator by Self at Home?

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1=Download OnlineDiagram in the mobile phone (Only $50 US)

2=If you don’t have Dynamo and Motor you can also buy from our website.

3=You need to make a frame (Size available in our Online Diagram)

4=Make Pulley’s and Flywheel (Size available in our Online Diagram)

5=When you install this Online Diagram after installation, we will be activating your server.

6=Send Us Email. After installing.

7=We will be making Video Call for Guide if you have some problems.

8=If you have any Question’s please don’t hesitate to ask Us.

Here Click on This Button for Download

All you can manage with this Online Diagram APP 100%

5 KW Single Phase
7.5 KW Single Phase
12 KW Single Phase
12 KW 3 Phase
20 KW Single Phase
20 KW 3 Phase
50 KW 3 Phase

Click Here for Download a Diagram > Download Online Diagram

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