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                                                  ENG NOMAN SHAH AFRIDi
                          FREE ENERGY GENERATORS
                                   Noman  Free Energy Generator's Company in the World,
                                          About Eng Noman Shah Afridi
                                 My Name Is Noman Shah Afridi, I'm From Pakistan,

I've started a Free Energy Electricity Experiment from 2005, I spent all my Salary for this Experiment, But in the end, I have succeeded in 2015, I told everyone about my free energy generator but nobody believed me, After all, I took a loan from someone and then made a big Free Energy Generator, Which I made a video and then showed to everyone and then I sold First Free Energy Generator at a good Price which I then set up a small company. From this small company, I have sold many Free Energy Generators in different countries.
I've Visited, France, Malaysia, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, etc.
                            But  Now I need a good investor to support me.
 if you are some of those stubborn people that don't think this is true or that it works, GO LOOK AT SOMETHING ELSE because this is not for you.
He was born on July 10, 1856,
He died on January 7, 1943,
He was born in the Austrian empire.
Nikola was also the world's leading scientist and continues to be today despite what anyone else says. Unfortunately, after he died, the big electricity companies almost wiped Nikola from history because of his free electricity inventions. If you want to know more, read the book: Tesla a man out of time.

Eng Noman Shah Afridi 

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