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Saturday, 19 August 2017

My Dream My World ..................


  1. On September 12 page by pay pal for a generator of 5 kw
    Can you send me the bill?
    When they send me the generator?
    Where is my money?

    1. Hello,
      Have you the Motor yet?

    2. Sir whether you recived your product or he had returned your amt
      If you wait for 1yr also you can't get product because it is completely fake
      Better visit to his place and confirm

  2. I paid 32 days ago 2940 € and I did not receive the generator. where is my money? or my generator?

  3. Price thailand ......

  4. Replies
    1. الناس يقولوا انهم ارسلوا اموال وما استلموا الجهاز، ممكن يكون معطل في الجمارك وممكن اي سبب اخر الله اعلم

  5. Where is the generator that I buy?

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  7. By using that flywheel he can't run that alternator continuously but in load condition torque will be much higher to run the alternator the vedio is 27 minutes it is not 1,2,3hr vedio
    It will stop
    If it is possible big generators manufacturer they can do this and market this like Siemens, abb
    Flywheel is a device to store kinetic energy for a short time but not for a long time
    If the generator load increases the speed of flywheel automatically decreases at that condition flywheel will stop suddenly
    If it is possible why Cummins are using higher hp engine to run the load

  8. If any one are thoroughly in that why they are hiding their contact,information, specification data regarding this product
    Communication is the good way to attain success in businesses

  9. If any one received this product Pls share your experience whether it is fake or real send your product image,Bill details

  10. Please confirm the order.

    Fra: anders malling
    Sendt: Saturday, December 16, 2017 10:09:44 AM
    Til: Ifrah Nomi
    Emne: SV: VS: SV: Are you selling?

    I hereby order:
    1 piece. 5 kW 230V 50Hz Free Energy Generator with assembly, usage and service instructions.
    Please send me your total price incl. freight, as well as a copy of the shipment document and a photo showing the shipment and the addressee (me).
    Can only do bank transfer! Need bank and account information to transfer to.
    Once you have shipped the shipment, I will transfer the payment to you.
    Is it OK with you?


    Anders Malling
    Landsflod 2
    Dk 7160 Ølholm

  11. Sir first take the product and transfer his payment

  12. What is your problem?
    I miss a reaction !!!


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